Interview by Christian Hoiberg of Capture Landscapes - September 1, 2018

Last month I was interviewed by Christian Hoiberg of It was an interview full of well-thought-out questions and dug deep into my connection with nature and how it, as well as photography, helped shape me into the person I am today. The following is a snippet of the interview. If you want to read the whole thing.. click on over!

->Interview With American Landscape Photographer TJ Thorne<-

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TJ Thorne is an American landscape photographer with a deep connection to nature. In this interview, TJ talks about the importance of photographing for yourself rather than pleasing a crowd, how nature and photography has been therapeutic for him and much, much more.

Thank you, TJ, for taking the time to give such an in-depth and deep interview.

Can you tell us a little about who you are and how you got started with photography?

Thanks for the opportunity Christian! I’m honored for the opportunity and amazed that people might want to hear about me and my thoughts.

My name is TJ Thorne and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA based out of Portland Oregon. I’ve always had an interest in photography and it really started to take hold in my high school years.

I was drawn in by the simplicity of the medium and how that simplicity created a challenge in having to fit the offered world, my thoughts, and stories into a little frame. I originally shot anything that interested me, which at that time was mostly punk bands, street scenes, and food (I was in the culinary industry).

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2001 my relationship with nature deepened with the... (READ MORE...)

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