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Collections and themes are my preferred way of showing my portfolio of work. The galleries on this page are not all-inclusive. As my creative vision changes, images are retired from my portfolio and are not included in these galleries. Work that I have produced in the current calendar year are also not included. If you would like to see my recent work as well as images that have been retired, please view my galleries by year produced.


Collections are bodies of images that were created to be presented together or of subjects that elevate my soul to the point where I am exploring them with conscious intent. More and more I am interacting with the natural world in this way. By making a conscious effort to explore the things that call to me the most, I am finding a much deeper appreciation for them.

Some of these collections are living, meaning that photos will continue to be added to them. I do my best to note when the gallery was last updated once you click into the collection.


If you'd like to add one of my pieces to your collection, simply use the dropdown menus below each image. All collection galleries are designed for ease of navigation. Simply click on an image to see it larger and use the navigation arrows on your keyboard or on either side of the photograph to navigate to the next image. If you are viewing an image that moves you, simply hit escape and you will be on the page for that photograph with the purchasing options underneath. Payments are secure and taken through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. If you would like to receive a custom invoice, simply reach out to me and I'll take care of you. To learn more about the options available, please visit my prints page.

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