Water Textures - Current Exploration

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I’ve come to the realization that there are subjects and occurrences in nature that entrance me more than others. Some of them, as I look back in my life, have been a recurring draw or interest but I never put it together in a conscious way. These subjects grab ahold of me in ways that no others do. I connect deeply with them for reasons I’m not aware. They compel me to capture them, inspire my creativity, and excite me to the point where I literally lie awake at night, unable to sleep as these subjects and ideas around them run amok in my mind.

In an attempt to understand what draws me to them, I obsessively photograph these subjects, exploring them with my camera, connecting to them at my most profound level, and try to figure out exactly what it is about them that calls to me. These galleries are where I keep these explorations. They are updated periodically, with the last update noted at the top of the gallery. You may only see one gallery here at the moment, but there are many more to come as I’ve been squirreling images away while I work on some of these ideas.

I don’t know when I can call these explorations complete. Perhaps when I finally break through the questions and understand my connection more. Or perhaps that will only strengthen my compulsion to explore them. Maybe there is no end. And I’m okay with that.

water water water

Most of the work is available as Premium Fine Art Limited Edition Prints offered as Lumachrome acrylic face-mounted, Chromaluxe aluminum, and loose Fuji Flex Crystal Archive mediums. To learn more about these options, please visit my prints page.

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