Figments of Place

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For the most part my approach to nature photography is based in literal representation. Even if the resulting photograph would take on more of an abstract form due to isolation and omission of the surrounding environment, the experience of photographing it and developing a relationship with it is always based in reality and a sense of photographing a specific THING whether it be a play of light, a unique moment in time, or an interesting subject. And by large, it still is and always will be because at the base of everything, that's the primary way that I interact with and experience nature.

This explorational series comes from a different emotional and mental place. These photos were taken not with the intent of that literal representation mentioned above but from a more visceral place, based more in an emotional reaction to what and where I'm photographing and putting pieces of the experience together into a single frame. Honestly, it's hard to describe. But when I photograph in this way, I have noticed a distinct shift in the way that I am interpreting the environment, both mentally and emotionally, and that carries over into the way that I process the photo. Everything about making these photos feels... freeing. 

All of these images are single frames using one or more creative camera techniques. I've purposefully left out any description of the techniques, the literal subject (though many of the subjects and techniques are easily identified), and the context in an effort to not cloud the emotional response to the images with preconceived attachments. If you find these images interesting or if they elicit emotions within you, I invite you to explore them, spend some time with them, and create your own journey.