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Unique Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography from Oregon based Pacific Northwest Photographer TJ Thorne. Offering private guiding, group workshops, photoshop instruction, and fine art print services.

Group Photography Workshops

My current group workshop offerings are listed below. If you would like to be kept up to date on announced workshops, please sign up for my mailing list by clicking this link. Are you looking for something completely different and customized? Consider booking a custom built Private Workshop!


No matter your choice in workshop, you will receive highly attentive instruction in the most scenic places of Oregon and beyond. My teaching style is laid back, approachable, and I take great care in thoroughly explaining concepts and techniques in ways that are easy to understand. I am committed to providing exceptional service and offering the best workshops available. Not convinced? Check out the client testimonials below the listings to learn why past clients have decided to attend my workshops and how much they valued their experience.

I advise reading my Photography Workshop FAQ and Cancellation Policies page if you are interested in attending.


2018 December Wonders of the Oregon Coast

• SOLD OUT • Use contact form below to be put on the waitlist.

• Dates: December 6-9, 2018 (Four days)
• Size: 6 Students
• Tuition: $875

2019 Wonders of Death Valley and Eastern Sierra with Alex Noriega

• Dates: February 22-26, 2019 (Five days)
• Size: 10 Students
• Tuition: $1,695

2019 April Wonders of the Oregon Coast

• Dates: April 3-6, 2019 (Four days)
• Size: 6 Students
• Tuition: $875

2019 Olympic National Park - Forest Photography Workshop with Eric Bennett

Coming Soon!

2019 Spring Wonders of Waterfalls

• Dates: June 13-15, 2019 (Three days)
• Size: 6 Students
• Tuition: $675

2019 December Wonders of the Oregon Coast

• Dates: December 5-8, 2019 (Four days)
• Size: 6 Students
• Tuition: $875


"I normally plan all my trips and photos myself, but this time I joined a photography workshop and enlisted the aid of two landscape photographers that I have admired for years: Ted Gore Photography and TJ Thorne Photography. Ted's processing and composition are off the charts, and TJ shows his passion for nature, exploring, and fun through his consistently excellent photographs and stories. I felt like I was getting to the point with photography that I could use more structured instruction from experts.

Honestly, I was really nervous about if I'd get my money's worth (having never been on a workshop before). Would I get along with a group of complete strangers? Would we be taken to hard-to-find spots or just go to roadside attractions? Would the instruction bore me or challenge me? To say I had a blast and got my money's worth would be an understatement. First of all, the gorge is absolutely packed with some of the most gorgeous waterfalls, streams, and nature in the world. Ted and TJ were fantastic guides and genuinely cared about teaching their methods and giving their thought process for in-field techniques, composition and post processing. The material was pretty advanced but they were very patient and detailed, and I think it will benefit my photography greatly going forward.

Also, we went to some pretty secluded and difficult to get to areas. A lot of the hikes were straight-up strenuous and included scrambling, rock climbing, incredibly steep muddy/full of loose rock hills, wading through rivers with fast currents, climbing over slippery logs, avoiding tons of poison oak, and walking through areas you would have to be crazy to go to. At the same time, they made sure I always felt relatively safe and comfortable (or at least aware of risks and danger). At the end of each day I felt like I accomplished something great.

Additionally, both of them were really fun to hang out with. It was refreshing to talk about the style of photography I am passionate about on an advanced level. By the end of the week I felt like one of the guys, making plenty of immature jokes, talking about life, and enjoying the hikes and scenery. I hope to see them again someday."

Brent C. - Madison, Wisconsin; 2015 Spring in Oregon Workshop

I've done a number of workshops and can say that TJ and Ted's was among the best. Be forewarned, their workshops aren't for everyone -- or most people, for that matter. Don't expect to get out of the car and shoot. But then the best photos take the most effort. In short, they'll take you to locations others won't. Moreover, both are great teachers and complement each other well. TJ is the consummate teacher and clearly enjoys helping others learn -- and laugh. (He's a blast!!) Ted has few equals in terms of Photoshop artistry -- and he has the ability to communicate what/how he does it clearly. I would highly recommend both if you're looking to take your photography to an advanced level.

Mary B. - Seattle, WA; 2015 Spring in Oregon Workshop

"I tremendously enjoyed working with TJ. In a short 2 day private workshop, not only did I take away many breathtaking photos we did together, most importantly, I took away the knowledge he passed on to help me become a better photographer. The knowledge transfer is what I value most in this workshop. The photos are stunning and epicness of the coastal line and the waterfalls of Portland, but the tips, tricks, and the best practices that TJ offers will stay with me from location to location. TJ is fun to be with, patient, creative, very personable, attentive to the micro detail, and a good listener. BTW, did I also mention TJ is a nature enthusiast and aficionado? I will definitely look TJ up for my next photography adventures."

Anne S. - Virgina

I recently attended a workshop in the Columbia Gorge with TJ. I found the instruction and knowledge of the area to be excellent. I have attended a number of workshops over the years and I found that the instruction on this particular workshop was among the best I have ever attended. The instruction was excellent and applicable for anyone at any level of photography.

Thank you TJ!

Neil B. - Vancouver, BC

I can't thank you enough for providing an adventure of a lifetime. I have been on a few workshops over the past 4 years and I must say this was by far the most professionally run workshop. My experience during this past week far exceeded my expectations!! Your knowledge of photography and willingness to share your passion and love for the outdoors is second to none. The sights, sounds, hikes, conversations, your patience, attention to detail, sense of humor and willingness to teach myself and others have given me memories for life. Your command for PS post processing techniques were very impressive, informative and the added touch of providing us the video and audio will be an invaluable teaching tool. I am so happy that I can do my little part in helping you follow your dream.

Bob K. - Tucson, AZ

This was hands down the best workshop I have ever attended.  You went above and beyond. Thank you for the additional resources for iPhone, web sharpening, luminosity and other photographers' sites. Your photography and processing skills are first rate but your stewardship and thoughtful caring for the natural resources and tending to our individual needs made a lasting impression on me.  Please keep on doing what you're doing.

Jeff L. - Lexington, KY

I have been to several workshops in different countries, but this was the best not only because the beauty of Gorge but also because of the awesome instructor. TJ is really nice guy, easy going, has sense of humor, is in love with nature and an artist. He keeps checking in everyone to make sure that we’re in the right spot with the right camera settings to get the best shot. He almost never used his camera, he just spent his time checking on us every few minutes and gave us new techniques in shooting waterfalls. His post processing techniques are excellent and the way he explains things make it easy to understand everything. I highly recommend him.

Rashed S. - United Arab Emirates

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