Introducing the Ebb and Flow NFT Collection

Ebb and Flow is a collection of images and videos created when my heart and mind were at peace. Moments where I was at one with my existence and completely immersed in the experience. Moments where nothing else in the world mattered except that time and that place.

Complete serenity.

My motivation for spending time in nature is to strip life down to its nuts and bolts and to live life for what it IS instead of for what I've made it. Many of our lives have become constant streams of responsibility, work, bills, politics, standing in line, sitting in traffic, running errands, social media, emails, phone calls, appointments, etc. We often lose sight of what it's like to just... be. In nature, not a single one of those things matters. Out there it's just me and the environment.

I think a lot and I have a tendency to examine my creative urges to try and understand why they exist and I always expect to come up with deep answers — answers about what I can find in common with the subject or what I get out of the experience and the one thing in nature that calls to me more than any other thing is water. For the past several years I have been obsessively photographing it in any way I could imagine, all in an attempt to build a deeper relationship with the subject and to understand WHY it calls to me so.

While I have had certain realizations about water that I draw strength and inspiration from, I have struggled to understand what the exact reason for my fascination is — beyond being in love with the way that water and light interact, WHAT is it teaching me about myself?

I've realized that the answer is much simpler than I expected — When I am interacting with water through my camera, it's not because there's some deep correlation between water and myself, it's simply because THAT is what my soul needs. I enter a state of flow where I am completely lost in the subject. Gone are all of my worries and anxieties that tend to occupy my mind and I feel..

During the Ebbs and Flows in life, nature will always be there to bring me reprieve.

Each image and video were created during moments in time where I was living and breathing.