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Fine Art Nature Photography Prints and Workshops

Unique Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography from Oregon based Pacific Northwest Photographer TJ Thorne. Offering private guiding, group workshops, photoshop instruction, and fine art print services.

One-on-one processing Instruction

I offer processing instruction for all skill levels either in person (Portland Metro) or via Skype screen-sharing. Whether you are just starting to shoot raw files and are overwhelmed by the thought of processing an image from scratch, are looking for techniques to give your images a more polished look, or would like to learn how to prepare your finished image for display, I am able to help. My completely nondestructive workflow is designed to give you maximum control over every aspect of your image and complete versatility in dialing in your adjustments to achieve your exact vision. At the end of the lesson you will receive a copy of the recorded session and the file with layers intact for further review on your own time.

Using Photoshop CC and Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw, I am able to help you learn in the following areas:

  • Developing an organized,  completely nondestructive, and highly adjustable workflow
  • Shaping the scene and directing the eye through the frame using nondestructive burning and dodging 
  • Using adjustment layers and blend modes
  • Luminosity and color channel masks
  • Hand blending exposures for dynamic range or focus-stacking
  • Light Painting to create a sense of light direction
  • Preparing the image for web-presentation
  • More!

All you need is Adobe Photoshop (CS5, CS6, or CC), Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, and Skype (with microphone for screen sharing). While I am happy to discuss the direction you should take with your specific images, due to familiarity with the files I use my own photographs for the lesson. First session is a minimum of two hours so that we can review my entire workflow from import to web-sharpening).

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