2023 Wonders of the Forest- A Slow Photography Workshop in Olympic National Park

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Wonders of the Forest - A Slow Photography Workshop in Olympic National Park

June 21-25, 2023 • $1,595

Join me in June 2023 for a Slow Photography Workshop focused on the amazing lush and mossy forests of Olympic National Park. This is not your standard photography workshop. Instead of rushing around from location to location, leaving little opportunity to develop a relationship with the scene you’re shooting, we will be camping on location, taking our time, and building an intimate personal connection with the forest we will be photographing.

Join the fireside chats each evening as we discuss introspective topics that get to the bottom of your motivations. Fall asleep each night and wake up each morning under a canopy of lush mossy branches while a rushing glacial river provides a soothing soundtrack. Tune out from the world and immerse yourself in a fairytale environment that is sure to get your creative mindset flowing without interruption.

This workshop is focused on expanding your creative vision and attendees are asked to come prepared to push their boundaries and explore beyond everything they already know.


I believe that the creative path is never-ending, highly rewarding, and self-fulfilling. My goal is to foster an elevated awareness of your surroundings, encourage you to explore and emotionally connect to the aspects of nature that call to you, and to plant seeds of creativity via thoughts and concepts that will open doors into a new way of interpreting the environment through your lens. I believe that opening those doors leads to a more personal and expressive style of photography, enabling you to create images that you will be more connected to.

While I am committed to making sure you come away from the workshop with great photos, the true value lies in unlocking your inner artist and invigorating your creative vision.


  • June 21-25, 2023


  • Easy - This workshop is intended to be taken at your own pace. While there is a three mile long loop trail in the area, opportunity exists everywhere. The trail contains very little elevation gain and is mostly flat. Hazards you may encounter are uneven surfaces, mud, slick logs or rocks, and fast moving water (in the river).


  • $1,595/person
  • $495 deposit is required to secure your spot.

This workshop is limited to 8 students.


Olympic National Park is home to some of the most lush forests in the United States. Assorted ferns, bear grass, and clover cover the forest floors while large maples and pines loom overhead, draped in thick moss as if they were plucked directly from a fairytale. Quiet paths lead the way through twisted vine maples, their leaves illuminated by backlight and diffusing the harsh sun into a green glow. It’s a remarkable place to experience.

However, photographing forests can present an overwhelming number of challenges, and with my help you can learn the skills needed to not only create compelling forest imagery but also unlock your inner artist and find a more personal connection to the scenes you’re photographing.

Taking your photography to the ‘next level’ isn’t just about capturing dozens of images that wow the viewer. It’s about being able to express the deep emotions and love you feel for your subject, and using the techniques and approaches I will teach, you will be on the path to communicate that connection much more effectively.

While I am happy to teach you the in-field and processing techniques that I use in my photography, on this workshop we are prioritizing the development of your creative vision so that you can create work that is more personally significant and satisfying.


Slow Photography refers to a concept that our time spent photographing nature is done in a more contemplative way— a way that is more exploratory both of the environment we are in as well as ourselves.

When we take the time to slow down and immerse ourselves mentally and emotionally in the scenes we are photographing, we tend to be more open and cognizant of the things that truly elevate our soul. We learn to see the beauty all around us, no matter where we are.

Slow Photography is not about only the beginnings and endings of the day. It’s about the experience as a whole. Much like reading a book, we do not focus on the first and last chapters. The stories and meanings take place in the middle and my aim is to help you get more in touch with yourself in that regard.

Slow Photography is not results driven. It’s about placing a priority on the experience itself and using photography as a means to explore it in a much more intimate and comprehensive way.


  • Camping on-location with limited cell service, allowing you disconnect, free your soul, and focus on getting in touch with your inner artist.
  • Fireside chats that explore our motivations, encourage internal dialogue, and challenge the things that we already know about our creative process.
  • Creative exercises that encourage you to explore beyond your comfort zone, develop new perspectives on your interactions, and open up new doors of creative experimentation.
  • Real-time feedback on images and ideas that help you work through the growing pains of developing a personal creative vision.
  • A laid back, no-pressure approach that allows you to create on YOUR terms, and not a predetermined schedule/itinerary. With nothing but time and space, you are able to let your curiosity guide you.
  • Good times and everlasting experiences with new friends.
  • A post-workshop image review via Zoom.
  • More!

I advise reading my Terms and Conditions page if you are interested in attending and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever. If you'd like to join the adventure, you can reserve your spot at the bottom of the page.


  • Transportation
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Camping Equipment/Outfitting
  • I highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance to protect your investment in the case that your trip is jeopardized due to unforeseen circumstances.


We will be camping for the duration of this workshop. Our campsites will be under moss draped trees and right next to a rushing glacial river which will provide a beautiful soundtrack during our time at camp. While you are encouraged to pick a site of your choosing for privacy, I welcome the group to gather at my site and join around the campfire each night for creative discussion and for coffee in the morning.

The fee for a campsite is $15/night (debit/credit accepted) and the campground is considered ‘primitive’, which means there is no running water, electricity, or cellular signal. Cell service is available with a 15-20 minute drive. The spaces consist only of a fire ring, picnic table, and vault toilet.

Here is a short list of things that you will need to bring in order to be comfortable and nourished. A more complete list and workshop guide is sent to you upon signup:

  • Water - You can bring jugs of water for drinking and cooking, or a water filter for filtering river water (which is what I prefer).
  • Food/Snacks - There is a market about 20 miles away where you can restock on provisions. We recommend bringing dehydrated meals or foods that do not need refrigeration and can be heated over a fire/camp stove such as soups, instant noodles, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Camping Equipment - Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and headlamp.
  • Bug Spray
  • Toilet Paper


A deposit of $495 is required to reserve your spot. The balance of $1100 is due 45 days (May 7, 2023) prior to the date of the workshop.

Should you need to cancel your registration for any reason, you must send a notice of cancellation to TJ Thorne Photography in writing, which will become effective as of the date sent (i.e., the date postmarked for standard mail, or the date/time sent for electronic communications).

  • Where notice of cancellation is received by TJ Thorne Photography more than ninety (90) days before the start of the Workshop, any payments made can be refunded minus a $100 administrative fee.
  • Where notice of cancellation is received by TJ Thorne Photography forty-five (45) to ninety (90) days before the day your Workshop begins, you shall forfeit your deposit (for Workshops where a deposit is required) but shall not be liable for the remaining tuition balance. 100% of your deposit made can be credited to an alternative Workshop run solely and exclusively by TJ Thorne Photography within 365 days from the date of cancellation.
  • Where notice of cancellation is received by TJ Thorne Photography less than forty-five (45) days before your Workshop begins, you shall forfeit your entire Tuition and no refund will be given, though 100% of your payment made can be credited to an alternative Workshop run solely and exclusively by TJ Thorne Photography within 365 days from the date of cancellation.
  • If a cancellation ninety (90) days or less before the start of the workshop is filled from the waiting list, a full refund can be offered minus a $100 administrative fee. If you do need to cancel, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can alert people on the waiting list.
  • In the rare event that a Workshop is cancelled by TJ Thorne Photography due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive a credit toward a future workshop. It is recommend that you avoid purchasing non-refundable airline tickets, and consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.

    By paying your deposit you are confirming that you have read and fully agree to the Terms and Conditions.


A Walk In The Woods
Beautiful Mess
Dusk By The River
Emerald Gate
Glowing Greens
Goodnight Kiss
Soft Spoken
Spring Buds
Woven Woods