There's No Such Thing as Bad Light eBook

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In this eBook I discuss why and how I approach photographing midday light. I'm not talking about overcast days, I'm talking about harsh, direct, 'crappy' light.

While I show many examples of photographs that I've captured during midday light and talk about my approach to those photographs from a technical standpoint with in-field context, what the meat of this presentation is and what I hope each reader walks away with is a fresh creative view and interpretation of the way that light behaves during the middle of the day and the ways it can be used to create compelling and meaningful images.

Approach, mindset, and exploration are the keys. In this eBook I talk about how I use those attributes to create midday images that I love deeply.


  • An explanation of my photographic philosophy and how it has enabled me to create personal images that I’m connected to.
  • Reasons why you should consider photographing in midday light.
  • Discussion of how you can start to create images that you love no matter the type of light.
  • A review of nine different types of midday light and creative approaches.
  • Case studies of 39 images with context, in-field thoughts, and processing approach.
  • A 19 page in-field workbook that can be printed or stored on your mobile device to help you approach your photography in a more personal and creative way.



"This e-book gives you back your creativity. It allows you to break the rules you have often heard and photograph what you love in all kinds of light. The examples in each section will inspire you to think of your favorite places to photograph and you will want to revisit them outside of the "best times" or "Golden Hour"... TJ's images along with his quick tips on post processing in each type of light will inspire you to make inspired photos. As you follow through the chapters more and more creative ideas will come to your photography. An excellent choice for beginners to advanced photographers."

Chris Almerini - Winston Salem, NC


“‘There’s no Such Thing as Bad Light’ is an eBook that should be read by every landscape photographer. With his powerful imagery and well-written text, TJ proves that good photographs can be made at any time of the day. This is the essential boost that many of us need to get out photographing even when the light is harsh. There’s a lot of useful advice for photographers of all levels and, in my opinion, the eBook is worth the money for the images alone.”

Christian Hoiberg - Leknes, Norway


“As I’ve come to expect with TJ’s teachings, he is able to effectively communicate in words the purpose and artistry behind his images. He guides you to look beyond just the technical aspects of his art and sheds light into his personal artistic processes in the both the field and in digital processing. Rather than providing you with a step by step formula for success in your own work, he encourages you to open your mind and think in new ways about photography and light throughout this ebook. He discusses unique forms of light to look for while photographing in nature and uses images from his own portfolio to demonstrate creative uses of this light. One of my favorite parts about this ebook is that TJ points out small details within his portfolio images that aren’t noticeable upon first glance, but upon studying further, you realize contribute to the ultimate effectiveness of the image. For me personally, this makes we want to get more creative with my shooting throughout the day and focus on the finer details in my work.”

Blake Simpson - Costa Mesa, CA


TJ Thorne's "There's No Such Thing as Bad Light" eBook has literally and figuratively opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The real essence of this eBook is TJ's heartfelt approach to experiencing the landscape - almost paradoxically, once we abandon our narrow-minded striving for making great photographs, we can form deep connections with nature and then photograph the connections themselves. Preparing us for when inspiration strikes during harsh midday light, TJ then provides a detailed walkthrough of many masterful examples of his unique and artistic photographs in such conditions. I am now convinced that rather than avoiding the harsh light, we just need to look closer and more creatively! If you're finding yourself in a rut and need to rekindle your love for nature and photographing it, this eBook offers a refreshing and inspiring change of perspective.”

Brent Clark - Madison, WI


"If you are interested in expanding the usable hours in which to photograph and pushing yourself into new territory as a photographer then TJ Thorne’s excellent new e-book “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Light” is a valuable resource. TJ has spent more time than any other photographer I know exploring the unending potential found while photographing outside the narrow time frame bracketing sunrise and sunset. Now he has wrapped up all of his experience and knowledge into a nice tidy package. TJ has organized his book into three easily digestible sections: Why, What, and How. Each section provides rich information and content on exploring, noticing, and photographing less common types of light. He includes many images which illustrate his thinking while shooting in each type of light as well as processing notes. Again, if you are looking to up your game and expand yourself as an artist this is a well worth purchasing."

-Michael Bollino - Portland, OR


“If it's literature, it does take a lot to draw my attention. So imagine how good TJ's book would be when it kept me up, focused and lucid all through. Having been privy to his mastery over both visuals and words, it's barely a surprise that There's No Such Thing As Bad Light turned out to be one of the most tastefully crafted, pragmatic, concise and well informed books on everything about light - which is one of the most complex and yet, highly rewarding vectors of photography. If you have always wondered how to fill in those torrid moments of harsh sunlight or dreary conditions with truly great images, this is a book that'd unravel the mystery for you. Get ready to take your photography talent a few notches higher.”

Som Roy - Bangalore, India