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Unique Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography from Oregon based Pacific Northwest Photographer TJ Thorne. Offering private guiding, group workshops, photoshop instruction, and fine art print services.

Photoshop Tutorial Videos

This page includes tutorial videos for select images. Using a non-destructive workflow, I guide you through the processing of the image and provide you with the raw files so that you can follow along. This workflow enables you to go back to each layer in your image and easily fine-tune it, make adjustments, or change color altogether in a simple and organized fashion. Each video will have it's own flavor and highlight different techniques. With the purchase of the video tutorial you will receive a digital download that contains a .zip file of the processing video, a downsized PSB with layers intact, a downsized PSB containing the unedited raw files so that you can easily process along with the video, a web sharpened file, and a help document.

Please see my Photoshop Tutorial Video Help Page if you have any questions and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need further assistance.

One Day I'll Return

In this video I show you the entire process of editing my image One Day I'll Return. Utilizing a completely non-destructive workflow I focus on directing the eye to the focal point and giving the image tonal and color depth. Careful consideration to the shadows, colors, and warm/cool contrast utilizing smart objects and basic luminosity masking are my main techniques in processing this image. If you're looking how to achieve a darker feel to your waterfall shots or want to learn how to start working non-destructively, this video tutorial is the one for you. 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Running time: 1hr 32min


Good Day Sunshine

In this tutorial video I walk you through the entire process of making my photo Good Day Sunshine. You'll learn the following things:

  • Nondestructive workflow techniques

  • Custom contrast control for high dynamic range scenes

  • Color Separation methods

  • Creating and shaping light

  • Advanced cloning

  • Working with various layer blend modes

  • Intermediate to advanced masking and mask modification

  • Sunstar cleanup and emphasis

  • Making custom watermark brushes

  • Many more tips and tricks!

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Running time: 2hr 24min


Free Tutorial - How to Emphasize Sunstars in Photoshop

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